Blogs. blogs! They are everywhere!

Well they’ve been everywhere for awhile. I’m just always late at this things. I’ve never been trendy. I still don’t own super skinny jeans… or an iphone. I’m not a hipster, or a prep. Not even a total hippie. I’m somewhere in between 🙂 I’m a 29 year old with newly diagnosed food allergies. I’ve heard horror stories about food allergies. Horror stories about the ‘saturn returns’. As if this period of our lives isn’t hard enough?!

So I’m experimenting with a gluten free vegan diet, particularly baking experiments. About a year ago, I took a food allergy test. The results? No more soy or dairy for me. After a little while I still didn’t feel great! The culprit- wheat!? When it was gone, I felt no more bloating or yuckiness. But it’s back. A couple of months ago I really started to feel sub-par so I went back to the drawing board. I cut out nuts, corn, and even garbanzo beans. Anything that was suspect was evicted! In the end, what I discovered was shocking, even to my ND. Potatoes. Potatoes? Potatoes!

For the past few months I always had some fresh baked gluten-free concoction in the kitchen. A substitute used to give that brown-rice flour a more wheat-like texture. Potato starch! Wow, who knew? I’ve never been big on potatoes too much. Ok, potato chips are a guilty pleasure. But definitely not a daily, or even weekly treat.

So here I am, experimenting all over again. Potato free. Luckily there’s arrowroot starch.

Ok, so maybe you have no idea what I am talking about. Baking isn’t your thing. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two as you read along (assuming someone out there is reading).                                                                                                                                     In this blog, I’ll throw in a little rant about my daily life, a recipe or two, and see what comes out of it!

A little about my love for food & nutrition: I’d eventually love to start my own baking company. Maybe some home delivery to begin with, some selling at the local farmers market or co-op… and then, just maybe, own my own bakery. Really San Francisco, you lack allergy-friendly foods. Isn’t this a foodie town? Why do I feel like I can’t go out to eat anymore? There’s nothing ‘Buttercup-Friendly’ on the menu! Soon to be possibly? So Eat it Up, Buttercup! I’ll be on the lookout.

ps- I am sorry to say this won’t be a nut-free adventure. Wouldn’t you think I’d be all the nut needed?


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